Our Roasting Process


At Hanover Coffee, we pride ourselves on utilizing the renowned German PROBAT roasting machines, combined with the centuries-old traditional Viennese roasting technique from the 16th century. This semi-direct fire and hot air roasting method brings out the authentic flavor of the coffee while ensuring a rich and smooth taste. With the technical support of CROPSTER, we guarantee consistent coffee quality with every batch.

Our Blend Coffee


Blend coffee is a harmonious mix of coffee beans from different origins, resulting in a brew that offers a silky-smooth texture and a balanced flavor profile. At Hanover Coffee Manufactory, we adhere to the principle of mature bean blending. We first adjust the roasting curve based on the seasonal characteristics of different coffee beans. Then, we blend them in specific proportions to present a personalized flavor profile. While the process is intricate, it ensures a higher and more consistent quality in every cup.



Our Single Origin


We meticulously trace the origin and quality of every coffee bean. Considering the bean's variety, growing environment, and processing method, we continuously adjust and optimize the roasting curve to fully showcase the unique flavor inherent in each bean.