About us

From farm to cup, we shed light on each stage that is essential to an incredible cup.

We want to educate the world about the quality, integrity, and roast of roasted coffee beans.

Family Legacy and Vision


In the spring of 2012, Andreas Berndt, accompanied by his wife and two sons, established the Hanover Coffee Manufactory in Linden-Limmer, Hanover. Driven by a profound love for premium coffee, they set up a quaint roastery, equipped with a 15-kilo roaster from Giesen. Their accumulated years of expertise and knowledge swiftly solidified the brand's reputation in Hanover.

Shenzhen: Our Second Home


In Shenzhen, we've not only established a state-of-the-art roasting facility but also fostered close collaborations with local coffee farmers, ensuring the consistent high quality of our beans. Our team in Shenzhen continually engages in research and innovation, integrating local coffee culture and techniques, presenting a novel experience for China's coffee lovers.

Our Coffee Philosophy


Coffee, to us, is more than just a beverage; it's an indulgence. We approach coffee with the reverence of an art form, emphasizing detail, adhering to traditional craftsmanship, and using only the finest raw materials. Whether in Germany or China, our mission remains consistent: to offer an unparalleled coffee experience to aficionados.