Signature Espresso

Altough we don’t roast according to the Italian style that doesn’t mean we can´t spice it up! This full-bodied blend is the quintessence of an espresso without any disturbing burnt flavours. A gentle giant with a toasty cup and hints of dark chocolate, nutmeg & smoky whiskey. It´s full-bodied to fit perfectly into every espresso-based drink without losing intensity in the cup. Classy and strong.

Cup Profile:

toasty – round body – chocolate

Best used for:

¥ 69.00¥ 238.00

including  16 %  Tax | free delivery within mainland china exept tibet | 2 -3 delivery days
含16%增值税 | 国内(港澳台地区,西藏除外)免费送货| 发货时间约2-3天