Brazil Doce Diamantina

We can proudly say that we are the exclusive importer and distributer of this unique Brazilian coffee bean in China. We warmly welcome everyone to try this rare and fine coffee bean that can be found nowhere else in China.

The Brazil Doce Diamantina from the Cerrado ecoregion is the typical mild Brazilian coffee with the lightest amount of acidity, a medium body and a distinct sweet taste. The vegetation, soil, climate and the water are optimal to operate as a sustainably managed coffee plantation. Cerrado describes a tropical savanna and is located in the south-east of Brazil with Minas Gerais being one of the associated states.

Cup Profile:

A superb, wine-toned acidity is entangled with sweet fruit. Although the Kenyan body is typically medium in weight this bean is deeply dimensioned. Dry, berryish nuances and prominent citrus tones add up to a clean cup without any hidden defects.

Best used for:

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