Our gentle Vienna roast

Not even the best coffee bean in the world tastes good if you roast it badly

There are many different ways to roast coffee. Some roasteries aim for efficiency and roast their more or less premium coffee beans very quickly at high temperatures. Such a roast can last between 30 seconds and 3 Minutes. The beans reach a temperature peak of up to 600 degrees Celsius. This way, some roasteries are able to produce a huge amount of roasted coffee beans but at the expense of a loss of aroma, no real indulgence and wholesomeness.

Here at the Hanover Coffee Manufactoory we roast according to the so-called Vienna roasting method, also known as the longterm-drum roast. Our roasting method is the style that most Germans prefer their coffee, as the roast itself is less hot and the result are coffee beans that are not as dark as those of the Italian or French roast. The italian or french roasts are known for their rather burnt and oily coffee beans. On the other hand we don´t roast as light as the Skandinavians do, with roasting times mostly far below 15 minutes. Regarding the taste, these light roasts are usually very floral and acidic because the beans are not fully roasted through and sometimes even leave the roasting machine before the first “Crack”.

Our philosopy of roasting is different: we produce a fully done roasted, fully developed, heady coffee with a lot of body. All of our coffee beans are solely roasted in single-origin batches. Our coffee beans never reach a higher temperature than 190degrees Celsius and are roasted at around 15-20 Minutes, depending on the current climatic conditions, each individual batch of green coffee beans and other factors that determine the roasting time. We roast our coffees until shortly before the second crack to reach the desired roasting degree. An example would be that if the humidity is higher today than yesterday and the air pressure is lower, the exact same coffee beans have to be roasted hotter or longer than yesterday because the heating curve behaves differently than the day before. All of these factors can´t be coped with by a machine and to achieve an alltime premium result of highest quality coffee beans a manual roast by an experienced roast master is vital. This requires not only technical skill but more importantly a lot of experience and sensory ability.

Each of our roasts is done manually. We strongly believe that the perfect coffee can´t be obtained by a machine and programm. As coffee beans are a natural product they are very heterogeneous so its impossible that a predefined temperature curve can always achieve the best result. That’s why for every single roast, the roastmaster himself decides at what exact moment the roasted coffee bean is perfect. He uses his trained senses to determine the smell, colour and structure of the beans surface to determine the perfect coffee bean.