Probat UG 22

Our coffee beans are roasted according to the Vienna roast which is a very traditional and long-standing method of turning green coffee beans brown. Likewise, roasting coffee in a drum is probably the oldest method of roasting coffee with a machine. Our vintage Probat UG 22 is a custom-built model that is perfectly fit to serve this very old-time form of slow roasting. It is a beautiful combination of the vintage design with original cast-iron parts that has been refurbished thoroughly to the newest standards. It has the most modern technology integrated to be able to reach a nominal output of 60kg/h. For meeting up our high standards we have added a de-stoner and a powerful cyclone from Probat to precisely only get the precious beans into our products. This half-century old machine surely has many interesting stories to tell and we are happy to extend its legacy.


The Probatino looks like the younger brother of a big roasting machine but it shouldn´t be underestimated. It offers the same stability, control and blending functionalities as the other bigger roaster. On top of that it saves space and has a neat and clean tabletop design. We especially value this roasting machine to roast small batches that individual customers order, for experimenting with our new coffee beans or roasting very rare and valuable specialty coffee beans. It has a solid roasting drum and an asthonishing adjustable roast flame. The bean sampler is tiny compared to its bigger brother but in combination with the thermometer they are vital for continuous monitoring. Depending on the order, we can roast and cool at the same time which reduces energy cost and saves us production time. The magnetic system in the cooling tray is convenient to easily pour out the roasted beans without damage and the Probatino also has a separate cyclone for chaff collection.


After the roasting process, it is important that the coffee is ground correctly for the preparation method to achieve the perfect result. This can only be done by premium quality grinders as there are many differences in coffee grinding machines that determine the result. For the best results in our coffee bars as well as for our packed ground coffee we trust in the over 80-year experience in professional grinder technology by MAHLKÖNIG. Since many years this traditional brand from Hamburg manufactures it´s professional machinery by hand and we feel a close connection to the company due to the similarities of the company history. Much comparable as we do, MAHLKÖNIG has a strong focus on Germany as a manufactory location. Its customers are mainly coffee roasteries like us, but besides professional customers they also supply many individual customers who care a lot about the quality and reliability of these grinders.
For our espresso based products we rely on the exceptional PEAK grinder. It is perfect for grinding our freshly roasted coffee as it offers high extraction rates and doesn´t get tired. Even after a long day in our coffee bar! It contains two 80mm, premium cast steel grinding discs and for the very busy days the improved heat removal system with a double ventilation keeps it cool. The highly accurate dosage due to reduced motor revolutions is unique and it has a stepless grind adjustment which allows a peerless repeatability of the grind fineness of grinding. It even allows to show the internal temperature on its high-quality LED display. A perfect and beautiful grinder and a real enrichment for our coffee bar.
EK 43
Additionally, we use the MAHLKÖNIG EK 43 for our specialty coffees, hand-filters, the Bayreuther Kanne and to grind your fresh roasted coffee beans to take home with you. The EK is an exceptionally robust grinder with a large grinding capacity that enables us to quickly get the coffee flour to our customers. It´s even suited to grind different goods and especially the precise adjustment ability enables it to grind as fine as Turkish-mokka degree of grinding.

Slayer Espresso Machines

The coffee we roast is a handmade masterpiece that is defined by the roastmasters sensors, talents and preferences. Likewise, we continue this approach in our coffee bars. We proudly use one of the best espresso machines on the market that is as they say “purposed to make coffee better”. The Slayer espresso machine is a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship that perfectly complements our manually manufactured coffees. It has some distinctive features that allow the baristas intuition to define the outcome of the espresso shot. It has a patented technology that lets you control the flow rate manually to create a prominent wetting stage. This way flavour profiling is made possible and if the customer wishes to receive a less brighter espresso you can simply adjust the flavour by playing with the beautifully designed wooden paddles. Also each group-head has an own boiler that allows perfect temperature stability which is crucial in making a top-quality espresso. These machines are assembled by hand in Seattle and working on them feels like being a captain on a yacht. These machines are designed to equip the most incredible cafés in the world and we are among them. Decisive for our decision to work with this machine was the fact that we want to use it to experiment with our coffees extensively. We can use its unique features to play around with our new coffee sorts or explore new sides to our staple-coffees. This lab-like approach let´s us get to know our coffee beans on a whole new level to constantly keep up the quality and please our sophisticated customers.

ECM Espresso Machines

As we are a German quality company we are always looking for suitable brands and companies to collaborate with. And who could be more suitable to work with than a traditional German family business that produces high-quality coffee machines. Espresso Coffee Machines, or short ECM, is a team of specialists that possess years of experience in the coffee sector. They have an outstanding competence and technical understanding when it comes to coffee machines.
Their professional products are Made in Germany and they have the wonderful talent to combine sophisticated stainless steel designs with the most innovative technology on the market.
The Technika IV Profi is the “Rolls-Royce among filter holder machines. It has won several awards and tests and combines an elegantly crafted stainless steel body with technical refinement like a professional tilt-valve, steel-plated heating and lower operation noise due to further improvements. Another outstanding machine from ECM is the Controvento. It is a dual boiler machine with PID temperature regulation. It has an edgy design that races against the wind as the name implies. Coffee lovers can enjoy individual temperatures of their drinks due to the separate regulation function of the coffee and steam boiler. It has a silent yet strong rotary pump that makes it perfect for any office bureau of co-working space.
Furthermore ECM also contains professional grinders in its portfolio. Their 1950´s inspired exterior with a bold, rounded design are a baristas best friend. They are able to grind manually and pre-programmed automatically and have a professional portafilter bracket that enables the barista to grind free-handed which leads to a faster workflow and better overall agility.