Good coffee has to be fresh

Even the best coffee does not taste good when it´s old. Although coffee has quite a long storability (approximately 2 years) it loses its aroma quite quickly – and with it its delicious taste. This is the reason why we roast our coffees fresh daily. These freshly roasted beans leave our manufactory within a couple of days and are delivered to the customer. This is how we can guarantee that our coffee beans are always fresh and yummy.

The biggest enemy of the coffee is oxygen. Coffee and oxygen react with each other which leads to an acceleration of the ageing process. To counteract this chemical reaction we pack our coffee in special aroma guarding bags so that no further oxygen can get to the coffee and make it lose it´s warm, fresh roasting flavours. Green coffee beans become old as well.

Since the distinct aromas within the green coffee beans only start to develop during the roasting, green coffee beans are less prone to ageing. However we take care that we only utilize freshly harvested coffees and store it in a dry and dark place.