Roasting 101

There are many ways to roast coffee beans but some of them achieve a better result than others. Legend says that monks in Ethiopia once burned coffee branches with coffee cherries on them because they thought the plant was send by the devil. Then they inhaled the awakening gases from the fire and took them out again to make a brew-up out of the roasted beans that held them awake the whole night so they could sit at the fire together and talk and pray. Besides the quality of the green beans, the roast is the biggest factor that determines the aroma of the beverage in the end. While being exposed to heat, complex chemical reactions happen within the bean. Here, amino acids and reducing sugars react in the so-called “Maillard reaction” that leads to a distinctive flavour that browned foods display. Many more reactions happen where these chemical components in the bean are assembled newly so that roughly 800-1000 new aromas develop. Therefore roasted coffee beans is one of the most aromatic foods in the world and has more than double the amount of flavours than we can find in wine. Roasting generally just means the process of heating […]