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Tasting 101

This is the moment we´ve all been waiting for during the steps before. Growing, Roasting and Preparation all lead to the final step in coffee consumption which is actually drinking the coffee. Her ...

Preparation 101

In many countries, drinking coffee is a vital part of the day. But how do we get from the roasted coffee bean to the liquid hot beverage in the cup? There are many ways to prepare coffees and in t ...

Roasting 101

There are many ways to roast coffee beans but some of them achieve a better result than others. Legend says that monks in Ethiopia once burned coffee branches with coffee cherries on them because ...

Growing 101

The coffee tree is an extraordinary exotic plant that needs special conditions to grow and thrive in. Much like wine it reacts to the composition of the soil it grows in as well as the amount of s ...

Meet Flemming

Flemming has also been able to gather a deep knowledge about everything coffee related throughout his educational path. Since the very beginning of the Hanover coffee manufactory he has supported ...

Meet Fabian

Early on Fabian was intrigued with high-quality foods and beverages that are special in their preparation and thus have an extraordinary taste. So, he and his father founded the Hanover Coffee Man ...

Meet Isabel

Isabel never liked to drink coffee until Fabian introduced her to manually roasted coffee when they met. Before that, she did not know at all that this drink that before she simply knew as coffee, ...