We only use high-quality green beans from selected fincas that meet our quality standards

Our raw materials


Only the best machinery is good enough. We use a German Probat machine for an even roasting result

Meet the Probat UG22


We believe in and roast according to the gentle Vienna roast. A beautiful syngery of experience and skill

About the Vienna roast


Everyone deserves fresh coffee. Importing is not an option. We roast fresh and locally, everyday

Freshly roasted coffee
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The Hanover Coffee Manufactory is a German family business. Our approach towards coffee is simple: best quality beans, a perfect roasting method with topnotch equipment and years of experience in coffee roasting. We work hard every day to create a wholesome, sustainable, and incredibly delicate coffee for you.
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Handfilter Coffee Preparation


Tasting 101

This is the moment we´ve all been waiting for during the steps before. Growing, Roasting and Preparation all lead to the final step in coffee consumption which is actually drinking the coffee. Her ...

Preparation 101

In many countries, drinking coffee is a vital part of the day. But how do we get from the roasted coffee bean to the liquid hot beverage in the cup? There are many ways to prepare coffees and in t ...

Roasting 101

There are many ways to roast coffee beans but some of them achieve a better result than others. Legend says that monks in Ethiopia once burned coffee branches with coffee cherries on them because ...

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